How You Profit from Hiring Me!

Bert Botta, Aviation Copywriter & Consultant

“Don’t Wing it Alone!”

If You’re as Busy as a Single Pilot, Flying a Twin-Engine Jet with an Engine Out, Shooting an Instrument Approach to Minimums in Blowing Snow and

You Need Someone to Take the Load Off…

   I Can Help!

Because I Know Aviation From the Inside Out, You Get My 35 Years of Aviation Experience as a Pilot, Author, Copywriter and Marketing Expert

My Copy Writing and Writing Resume Includes:

Copywriting and Marketing, i.e. Article Content writing, Newsletters, Email Campaigns, Press Releases, Blogs, Website Content, etc. for many Amazon.com private label product clients.

Design, Creation, Copywriting and Marketing of my own Amazon private label product.

Many articles published in: Aviation International News, Airline Pilot Magazine and many other Worldwide Aviation publications.

Most recently InFlightUSA picked me up for writing articles for their monthly magazine.

Here’s my most recent article and the beautiful ad for my Copywriting Services that they created: http://bit.ly/1UFqINc

A best selling book in the marketplace: http://www.FastLanetoFaith.com

Guest columnist for the St. Louis Suburban Journal

Columnist, Sedona Times

Newsletter editor for: TWA Tailwinds (Airline Retirees Group), Taos, New Mexico Motorcycle Club, Tamalpa Runners (Marin County)

What Do You Get When You Work With Me?

You get a guy who knows and loves Aviation! I know the language. I know the people, the flight crews, the ground crews, the FBO challenges, the personnel “issues,” the frustrations, the joys, the challenges, the boredom, the feeling of doing something we love and getting paid for it, the long hours on duty, in the air, sitting standby for hours in FBO’s, endlessly surfing the ‘net, and often not feeling appreciated.

I especially know and love Aviation People because I spent 35 years of my life “up close and personal” with them; in the cockpit, as a flight engineer, a first officer and finally, after a 23 year “apprenticeship” at TWA, as a Captain/Instructor.

My Unique Understanding of Airline and Corporate Aviation

Seven years later I went back to work as a pilot on the corporate side for Netjets (then Executive Jet) as a Captain on Citations and Gulfstreams, flying in and out of FBO’s all over the US and internationally.

I thought I knew Aviation until I started flying for Netjets!

I developed a new appreciation for the challenges of Corporate flight crews, their companies, the FBO’s that serviced our aircraft, their ground crews, office staff – you get the picture.  

I developed an intimacy with the people who took care of me that wasn’t possible from the relative “ivory tower” of my airline cockpit. 

Signature FBO at SFO still considers me “one of the family!”

The “long road to the left seat” was not quite what I had in mind when I got hired at TWA. But by hanging in there, in addition to the expertise I gained writing and editing a book, writing articles, creating copy and marketing for many of my Amazon private label clients, I learned persistence, patience, and humility – all the qualities that I bring to my Copywriting business.

When you hire me as your Marketing/Copywriting Expert you get the same attention to detail, proficiency, and follow through that I demonstrated in my 20000 hours as a Captain and FAA designated line check airman/instructor for TWA and for Netjets (The world’s largest Corporate VIP airline)

I put my heart into every job I create. That comes through in the way my copy impacts and influences my clients.

I’m huge on creating connections between people. As a captain, I was known for the quality of the CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) and personal “situational awareness” I demonstrated in my flying career.

As a instructor pilot (and licensed counselor) my chief pilot would often throw me the “tough” cases, the pilots whose fears would flare up, they would get “checkitis” and flunk their check rides.

This would lead to their need for remedial training.

I would be their “court of last resort” before possibly getting fired.

My counseling skills came in very handy in these situations. 

The Crucial Need for Personal Connection in Today’s Business World

My need for connections probably has to do with my feeling disconnected as a kid. I now go overboard to make sure everyone’s included. (But you can read more about that in my book!)

Because of this your clients will feel cared for and well served by the experience we create for them; this is vastly important in the disconnected world we live in.

Why Your Project Can be a Great Fit for Both of Us 

I have always loved using words to create excitement, adventure and transformation in people’s lives.

When I was a kid I would stand at the front window of our home in San Francisco, watching the paper boy deliver the local newspapers, the Examiner and Chronicle.

As they passed by, I would mimic them and yell out, “Paper, paper, getchya paper here, Examiner, Chronika!”

From early on I had a desire to spread the good news to people.

Beyond the years of writing, the skill, the creativity and the enthusiasm for copy writing that I bring to my craft, I bring years of Personal Development Training to my work.

 What Does My Personal Development Work Have to Do with Your Business?

I have been a licensed professional counselor, a certified leader of men, a community organizer, a personal coach and much more.

My desire to help “heal the wounds that bind us” ensures that my work will enrich the lives of you and your clients; this translates directly into good will, return customers, and profits for your business.

Why My Aviation Background Can be VITAL to Your Profitability! 

My flying career has taken me to dozens of countries where I had the chance to observe and interact with people from many different cultures.

My one year temporary assignment on loan from TWA to Saudi Arabian Airlines as an instructor pilot put me in the cross hairs of cross cultural situations that most pilots will never experience in their entire flying career.

The necessity to communicate clearly to my Arab students and understand their cultural differences was essential to the successful completion of that assignment.

The unique combination of my global exposure and passion for creating written excitement has given me insight into the many different ways that people think and act. This experience brings a subtle, yet powerfully convincing edge to my writing.

My Promise to You

I will work hard for you and I will not quit until you are completely satisfied.

It’s an over-used phrase but I’ll use it anyway because it’s true: “I under-promise and over-deliver!”

Pick Up the phone and Call Me if you even have a suspicion that I can help you: 415.320.9811 or send an email to: bert@bertbotta.com

“After all, if 200 passengers in the back of my airplane trusted me with their lives, it only makes sense that you can trust me with your business!”

To Our Mutual Success,


Bad Boy Coach

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