Why Your Business Could Profit From a Case Study!

If you’re like me, you love to peek into the lives of the Rich and Famous, right?

Come on, admit it.

I know I do.

That’s why People magazine is so popular, right, because of people like us!

As a captain for Netjets, the world’s largest corporate jet charter company, I flew the Rich and Famous to their playgrounds and sometimes even their business appointments!

Before that I was a professional aviator for TWA for 26 years.

So what does this have to do with anything?

As I mentioned above, we all seem to want to know how the “other half” lives, right?

And most of us can’t resist a great story. Especially when it’s about the rich and famous.

But stories do a lot more than entertain us.

Neuroscientists have proven that stories can deeply influence our beliefs and decisions; mainly because stories tap into our emotions and our capacity for empathy.

Businesses, big and small, have caught on to this in a BIG way. They understand the huge role stories play in their sales process.

And they need well-told stories, called Case Studies, throughout the year.

How Case Studies Help Businesses and Individuals Tell Their Success Stories

With the rapid growth of content-based marketing among B2B companies (companies that sell products and services to other companies) the demand for these pieces has never been higher.

(Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience with the objective of compelling customers to take action)

Yet … very few copywriters know how to effectively write Case Studies that will create the kind of impact that puts a business in big view of their customers.

What’s a Case Study? 

Case studies are short pieces that describe how a company, organization or individual solved a challenge with a product or service — and what the results of solving that challenge were. A case study is basically a short “before and after” story.

For example, Big Guy Corp. had a problem with X. They looked for a solution until they found Product Y. They bought and implemented that product. And since then, they’ve enjoyed A, B and C benefits.

Case studies can vary in length, but the sweet spot for these pieces is about 1 or 2 pages — or about 800 to 1,200 words long.

Case studies are the kind of project that clients need on a regular basis.

Why I Can Help Your Business by Writing Your Case Study 

I love interviewing people to gather information; I have done this many times, when writing personal interest articles and for my book.

It’s why I really enjoyed flying the rich and famous, getting to know them and their families.

And that’s why I enjoyed being a Licensed Psychotherapist, because I love getting involved in peoples lives and the lives of companies, helping them succeed.

For me it’s more fun and satisfying to write smaller and shorter projects instead of longer ones because that way I can see quicker results and so can my clients.

In addition to my aviation career, as a former Licensed Psychotherapist, I have a knack for discovering how people and organizations can overcome personal, business, process, or people-related challenges.

Besides, I like case studies because I get bored easily!

So I enjoy moving from one project to another relatively quickly.

I love the challenge of creating a story and finding an “angle” that makes my readers sit up, take notice and come alive!

My “mission” as a professional counselor was to help change peoples lives; my case study “mission” is helping change the lives of business, in this case through well crafted, powerful stories.

If any of this resonates with you, or you know someone who could use some well crafted attention, I would enjoy meeting you for coffee or lunch; on me of course.

As I mentioned before, if 200 people in the back of my airplane trusted me with their lives it only makes sense that you can trust me with your business…

To Our Combined Success


Bad Boy Coach

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