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Are you like me?

Are you in the Aviation Business because you love it?

Do you look up at the sky every time you hear an airplane overhead?

Do you wonder how in the heck those big birds stay up in the air even though you understand the aerodynamics of flight?

Have you ever had flying dreams?

But in spite of all this, has running your business over run your love of aviation?

If any of this is you, and you fly, or your business is aviation or travel, then check this out: InFlightUSA copy ad

InFlightUSA, is an Aviation Magazine I write for.

They just ran a beautiful ad for my Aviation Copywriting Services in the September issue in exchange for me writing for them.

If you just love airplanes or have ever dreamed of flying check out the magazine at: http://www.inflightusa.com

Let me take a look at what you need done and let’s apply my 35 years of Aviation and Writing Experience to your project.

If you’re always scrambling and need more time to just live, call me @ 415-320-9811 to take a break from “doing it all” in your business.

Let me handle your articles, press releases, Facebook ads, or any other Social Media stuff that is stealing your time and taking you away from making more money.

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