The ‘No Stress’ Lemon Press!

The No Stress Lemon Press and Citrus Juicer! 

What? Stress From Squeezing Lemons, Limes and Other Citrus Fruits?

You bet. Because if you’re still using one of those cheapo juicers, you’re not getting the maximum ‘mechanical advantage’ out of your current lemon press. 

If you’re having to clamp down on that lemon or lime to squeeze the handles, without the forearms of an NFL linebacker, or the handles bend or break, or you can never get enough leverage with one hand to finish the job, or you end up with your precious, life-giving juice trapped in a clump of pulp, you know what we mean. 

Besides, your Margarita could be majorly suffering because it lacks the juice of a “full flavored” lime. 

And your iced tea or fresh cooked fish is falling flat due to the wimpy juice of some half squeezed lemon. 

The ‘mechanical advantage’ of the Belkin Lemon Press is the:

 • One-handed ease in squeezing the handles 

• Smooth, silicone cushioning on the handles 

• Ease of dishwasher cleaning

• Strength of the rugged, 18/10, stainless steel handles 

• Stainless Steel cup that’ll hold a small orange

• Fact that no seeds will strain through 

• Belkin Lemon Press lemons are ‘Good to the Last Drop’!

The Belkin citrus juicer is easier – and more efficient to use – than any other method of extracting juice from your lemons, limes and other citrus fruits, Period! So…

It’s time to get your Citrus On with The Belkin No Stress Lemon Press!

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