Experian Wolf Claws

 How to “Shred” the Prep Time of Your Cooked Meats From BBQ Pit to Plate!

Thousands of years ago, Mother Nature designed the Wolf Claw. She knew when wolves are hungry the last thing they want to screw around with is trying to shred their meat with 2 forks! 

Their claws had to work for everything because wolves don’t have a kitchen full of utensils.

The Experian Wolf Claws

Some of the “tools” that you use in the kitchen, like using 2 forks to shred BBQ meat, or grabbing a hot roast with your hands and trying to maneuver it from pan to plate, or serving salad with those 2 forks are clumsy, messy and unsafe.

Anything you’ve tried to do with forks, or with towels, or with any other jury-rigged tool, you can do with the Wolf Claws, Faster, Easier, Cleaner, Safer.

If you could have only one tool in your kitchen or BBQ pit, the Experian Wolf Claw would be it.

With Wolf Claws You Can:

 • Shred and Pull pork, chicken, roasts fast and easy

• Easily and safely handle all meats

• Use to mix, toss and serve pastas, salads

• Save an amazing amount of time

• Have a whole lot more fun shredding meats 

Wolf Claws

 • Are comfortable, safe, easy to use

• Help you enjoy your guests vs waiting on them

• Withstand heat up to 450ºF/250ºC

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