The Rausch Bicycle Tire Pump

The Rausch Bicycle Tire Pump

You’re an avid cyclist. You love the feel of the open road, the sights, the subtle smells that waft over you as you pass that field of freshly mown grass; you just don´t get these feelings with any other mode of travel.

You also have an appreciation for the kind of high quality bike components that you paid good money for and will get you where you´re going, fast and hassle free.

But stuff happens and if you ever tried to save a few bucks by buying a cheap tire pump, the first time you had to use it, you realized you bought yourself a load of frustration.

You know the drill with a cheapie pump:

• Endless pumping while you sweat to inflate your tire
• Struggling to change from Schrader to Presta
• Hard to release the pump or ripping the stem
• Breakable plastic components

The features you will love about the Rausch pump:

• Made to exacting German specifications
• Quick, easy fit on both Schrader and Presta valves
• Lightweight, compact, pumps up to 210 psi
• Pumps both Pushing and Pulling
• 30% fewer strokes needed to fill your tire
• Fits road, mountain, racing, BMX bikes
• Weight 6.7 oz (192g)
• Length 8.98 in x diameter 1.02 in (228 mm x 26mm)

If you want the kind of sheer joy and long distance efficiency from your sport that cheap plastic components can´t offer, then Rausch´s durable, easy to use bicycle tire pump will keep you in the saddle instead of kneeling on the side of the road.

It´s German designed; it´s the only logical choice and comes with a 30 day no-hassle money back guarantee!

Simply click the orange “Add to Cart” button now and order your Rausch bike pump today while  the discounted price is still available.