The Stainless Steel Pot and Pan Scrubber

How to Preserve The Hard Won Seasoning and Delicious Taste of Your Cherished Cast Iron Cookware 

It’s taken you forever to season your pan; don’t risk losing it in one washing with a cheap scrubber!

If you’ve been afraid of scrubbing away the seasoning and succulent taste of your cast iron cookware the CC Cast Iron Scrubber will be the best investment you’ll ever make for your expensive, cherished, cast iron utensils

When you scrub your cast iron pans with the CC Cast Iron Scrubber you will no longer have to worry about: 

• Scrubbing away the seasoning on your beautiful, expensive cast iron pan 

• Seeing your years worth of pan spicing efforts go down the drain

• Disease from deeply lodged particles in the pores of your cast iron skillet that other scrubbers will never access 


Xtra Large, 8×6 inches of Grit Scrubbing Magic for all your cast iron cooking needs

• Tough on Grit, Gentle on Spices and Flavor. The ultimate Chain Mail cast iron pan scrubber is perfect for pre-seasoned cast iron or your own special seasoning

• Premium Grade Stainless Steel for easy cleaning of any cast iron cookware items like; a baking sheet, teapot, cookie sheet, cauldron, tortilla press, hibachi, cornbread, pie pan and more

• Lightweight, and convenient for home, camping or travel. Never again worry about grit being lodged in your cast iron skillet set 

 • The CC Scrubber works well with cast iron restoration conditioner  

Order Now since the CC Scrubber is one of our most popular sellers; don’t risk missing out because of a short supply. 

100% Money Back Guarantee: We know you’ll love the CC Scrubber but if for any reason you’re not satisfied, return it for the 100% Amazon backed, guaranteed refund.