The Stainless Steel Identity Theft Proof Travel Wallet

How Does it Feel To Know Your Identity Can Be Snatched Away Instantly Without One of These?

Think you’re safe against identity theft, with your purse or wallet tucked under your arm or in your pocket?

Think again…

Did you know a bad guy can walk by you with a RFID scanner, scan your credit cards, passport – anything with bar code type RFID (Radio frequency Identification) tags – without you even knowing it and ten minutes later could have wiped your bank account clean or maxed out your credit cards?

But no worries; you can prevent the scanning of data stored on your RFID equipped cards by using the BRYK stainless steel Travel Wallet.

You will love your new freedom because the BRYK Travel Wallet is:

• Made in a Classic stainless steel design

• Laser Engraved

• Sleek, and Professional Looking

• Finished satiny smooth

• Capable of holding 9 credit cards

• A great idea for wedding party gifts, such as groomsmen, etc.

• Durable design, comes in a compact, elegant gift box

• Latched securely when not in use

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