Emergency Cell Phone Charger

 San Sero Cell Phone Emergency Charger

Did you know that one of the primary sources of modern day STRESS is watching your cell phone or tablet battery die a slow death and you can’t do anything about it!?

This kind of stress can have a profound effect on the quality of your day.

Relieve the stress of worrying about how you’re going to make that call or text when


• Car is miles away

• Charger is plugged in, but it’s at home!

• Next appointment was 10 minutes ago!

That’s when your cell phone NEEDS SOME EMERGENCY LOVE!

The San Sero limited edition, sleek Black & Red design, portable battery charger will give you 5 hours of charge and eliminate your stress, Pronto! Never again run out of power or miss an important call!


– Small, Portable, Lipstick Style Battery Powerbank

– C.E. rated to 2200 (Amh) = Over 5 Hours Charge

– Mini USB Jack, 4”/10cm, provides Quick 5V Charge

– Durable Metal casing, laser etched, Black & Red design

– Stylish, Light & Compact

– Dimensions: 91mm Long x 22cm Diameter

– Light Weight: 2.3oz. (65 grams)

– Soft, Compact, Black Nylon Carry Bag, fits in your purse or bag

– FREE, Smartphone Earphones w Mic & Volume Controls

The Streamlined, Lightweight, Portable Powerbank San Sero Lipstick Battery Charger is:

• A perfect Survival Tool for Campers, Sailors, Secret Agents, Busy Parents, Business travelers!

• A Top rated Amazon sales item


We Offer an Amazon backed, “2 Year, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee!”

Our Lipstick Charger is in stock and SHIPS FOR FREE TODAY from Amazon.

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