A Pilot’s New Direction: Marin Independent Journal Article

You want a copywriter with a vast, rich background of experience to draw on. Here’s yet another part of me that I bring to my Aviation Copywriting and Marketing: Marin IJ Article

Bert’s Aviation Copywriting and Marketing Services

Are you in the Aviation Business because you love it? Are you like me? Do you look up at the sky when you hear an airplane overhead? Do you wonder how in the heck those big birds stay up in the air even though you understand the aerodynamics of flight? Read More

The ‘No Stress’ Lemon Press!

The No Stress Lemon Press and Citrus Juicer!  What? Stress From Squeezing Lemons, Limes and Other Citrus Fruits? You bet. Because if you’re still using one of those cheapo juicers, you’re not getting the maximum ‘mechanical advantage’ out of your current lemon press.  If you’re having to clamp down onRead More

1/15/14: Amazon Copy Project: The Rausch Bicycle Tire Pump

The Rausch Bicycle Tire Pump You’re an avid cyclist. You love the feel of the open road, the sights, the subtle smells that waft over you as you pass that field of freshly mown grass; you just don´t get these feelings with any other mode of travel. You also haveRead More

8/15/14: Amazon Copy Project: Wolf Claws

 How to “Shred” the Prep Time of Your Cooked Meats From BBQ Pit to Plate! Thousands of years ago, Mother Nature designed the Wolf Claw. She knew when wolves are hungry the last thing they want to screw around with is trying to shred their meat with 2 forks!  TheirRead More

8/10/14: Amazon Copy Project: Silicone Muffin Pan

How to Dramatically Reduce Kitchen Cleanup Time and Increase Your Joy of Cooking with the Bellemain 12 Cup Silicone Muffin Pan!  Are you tired of: • Having to “excavate” your muffins from that grungy old metal muffin pan? • Chipping and scraping the muffin residue that was baked into theRead More

8/1/14: Amazon Copy Project: The Muscle Roller Stick

Can You Hear It?  Your Body is Crying Out To Be Loose, Flexible, and Pain-Free! You’re a Health Nut, a Cross-Fit Devotee, a dedicated Runner or… You Just Want to Feel Loose, Unrestrained and Relaxed! But your muscles are tight, sore and you’re bound up. Here’s the Least Expensive, MostRead More

7/15/14 Amazon Copy Project: The Stainless Steel Pot and Pan Scrubber

How to Preserve The Hard Won Seasoning and Delicious Taste of Your Cherished Cast Iron Cookware  It’s taken you forever to season your pan; don’t risk losing it in one washing with a cheap scrubber! If you’ve been afraid of scrubbing away the seasoning and succulent taste of your castRead More

Personal Copywriting Testimonies 7/7/14

(1) Bert is the real deal when it comes to helping you with your copy.   He gets the job done and is willing to work with you to fine tune it.   I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to reel in buyers, with compelling copy!  Read More

Amazon Copy Project: 6/1/14: The Stainless Steel Identity Theft Proof Travel Wallet

How Does it Feel To Know Your Identity Can Be Snatched Away Instantly Without One of These? Think you’re safe against identity theft, with your purse or wallet tucked under your arm or in your pocket? Think again… Did you know a bad guy can walk by you with aRead More